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Seller Setup Guide

Registering As A Seller

Head to to get started.

Sign up
Start by clicking the Register button in the menu, or tap Sign Up Now via the profile button on mobile.

Enter your details and select Registering as a vendor then click Register now.

Read and tick the Accept Terms and Conditions and Click “Apply to be a vendor”.

Activate account
To confirm your email address check your email for Subject "Activate your account" and click on the link. 

On the page click “Activate” and your registration will be completed. 

Now click Login in the top menu and sign in using your details.

Click Dashboard then Membership “Sign up”.

In Check Out at the top of the page, click on the notification to enter your Coupon Code provided from Hat Academy Studio.

Alternatively you enter your Credit Card details.

Complete your billing details and click “Sign up now” 

You can find your Membership details at Dashboard > Settings > Membership

You will now have access to the Dashboard and can start selling.


Dashboard Overview

Take control of your store within the Seller Dashboard. 

Quick summery of Orders , Products and Commissions.

Add new products and preview existing product details. 

List of recent orders and options to explore the purchase order specifics.

Details on sales commissions.

Particulars to your your individual store.
Store: Details including store name and location.
Payment: Your PayPal address to send you your commission.
Branding: Store banner and icon.
Shipping: Standard shipping details for your products.
Social: Social media links for your store page.
Policies: Shipping and return policies that will display on each product page.
Membership: Info on your current Hatporium membership.

Customer ratings and feedback after purchases.

Discount management. Choose percentage or free shipping.

Preview what your store looks to your customers.

Select your default currency. Products you list will be based on your selected currency.

SCD Currency

Dashboard > SCD Currency
Select your default currency from either USD($), GBP(£), EUR(€), AUD($). Under Set products price in make sure to select "Your Default Currency Only" and click Save change. Your listed products will be calculated on your selected currency.

Customers will pay in their own nominated currency and will be paid to you in that currency.



Dashboard > Settings > Payment
Enter your PayPal address to be sent your commission quickly and securely. 

PayPal is our designated payment system to ensure security, 2.6% + fixed PayPal fee will be deducted from total transaction amount by PayPal before transfer to Seller. A 2% fee is charged for instant transfers providing a working PayPal address is entered in Settings.

We recommend you set up a PayPal Business Account before you start with Hatporium.


Seller Settings

Dashboard > Settings
This area is to set up details about your store.

Details including store name and location.
Your PayPal address to send you your commission.
Customise the store with banner (1140 x 268 pixels min) and icon.
Your Profile pic can be changed Profile > Change Profile Photo
Default shipping details for your products.
Add links to your social media that will appear on your store page.
Customise shipping and return policies that will display on each product page.
Info on your Hatporium membership.



Table Rate Shipping
Define shipping rates based on location.

Select a Country and enter your Shipping Fee amount.
For additional regions click Add Rate and enter your Country and Fee.

Select QTY Override to charge the shipping fee only once, no matter the product qty count.
Complete by clicking Save Changes.

Please note: If you choose to sell hats to an overseas customer it is essential that you comply with trading regulations stated by your country of residence. Sellers are required to ensure prior to despatch, that all components of a hat especially feathers or fur can be posted to the customers country and not contravening custom laws of the buyers country. Discuss these rulings with customer if necessary.


Adding a Product

Dashboard > Products > Add Product

Add Product
Enter details about your item including name and description.
Select up to 3 different categories that are appropriate to your hat.
Add a single Featured image and a few pics for the gallery. Drag and drop or press shift key to select multiple images for your gallery. To arrange the gallery, control click (pc) / command click (Mac) multiple images in the preferred order when adding to the gallery.

Jpeg files are our preferred image file type. We currently do not support Apple Live Photos, please export the images as still jpegs using the following guides. iPhone: ​ Desktop:​
Enter your price here. The Regular Price will appear strikethrough if a number is entered in Sale Price. eg. $̶3̶3̶0̶
By default this is set to Stock Qty 1 and will reset to 1 if the product is edited. Once the item is sold its public listing will display "Not Available"
Linked Products
Up-Sells will add another product from your store on your item listing page. Cross-Sells will suggest the nominated product in the customer Cart.
Attributes help the customer find their preferences through the shop filters. 
Attributes - Color
 Select attribute "Color" and click Add, then select the color terms. Note: you may have to click "Expand" to access the values when editing.
Attributes - Post To
Select item "Post to" > Add, then select suitable countries so the product can be found via the shop search filters. 

Edit product
Once saved you will be taken to the product page. You can click "Edit" on this page to amend or Dashboard > Products > Product Title > Edit.


Processing Orders

Dashboard > Orders
You will be notified of a new order via email with customer details. Detailed Order information can be found in Orders page.

View Order Details
Find items sold and customer information.
Shipping label
A printable label for shipping.
Order note
Information will be emailed to the customer. Find the communication via your inbox.
Tracking number
Add information about Shipping provider, Tracking number, Date shipped. Once you confirm Add Tracking Details the product will be marked as shipped. 


Product Dispatch

Please ensure the shipping details are accurate, insurance included with shipping is advised.

Upon sale of product, you are required to despatch and notify the customer within 2 working days of receipt of money. It is highly recommended to use a tracking number to inform of the product location.

Notify the customer that the Product has been despatched via the Dashboard > Orders > Tracking number. 



Dashboard > Coupons
Discount management. Choose percentage discount or free shipping with preferred usage restrictions, limits and expiry date. Once Coupon is created click edit or delete to modify. 


PayPal Withdrawals

You can typically withdraw money out of PayPal by standard withdrawals/transfers to your linked bank account free of charge. A currency conversion fee of 3% or such other amount as may be disclosed to you during the transaction.

The transaction exchange rate used for your currency conversion includes a fee which is charged above the base exchange rate.


Customer Returns

Please reply promptly and in any event within 48 hours to any customer message or other correspondence.

Seller is responsible for repairs or alterations to product if it is supplied in unsatisfactory condition or is dissimilar to the original product description. Make arrangements with the customer to cover any costs involved with delivery.

If the Seller has agreed in correspondence that the customer may return the hat and requires a refund, please contact Hatporium: [email protected] and you will be detailed procedures to refund the customer via PayPal.

Each Seller is responsible for their own custom policies and may offer more favourable terms to your customers.
Dashboard > Settings > Policies