Adding a Product

Dashboard > Products > Add Product

Add Product
Enter details about your item including name and description.
Select up to 3 different categories that are appropriate to your hat.
Add a single Featured image and a few pics for the gallery. Drag and drop or press shift key to select multiple images for your gallery. To arrange the gallery, control click (pc) / command click (Mac) multiple images in the preferred order when adding to the gallery.

Jpeg files are our preferred image file type. We currently do not support Apple Live Photos, please export the images as still jpegs using the following guides. iPhone: ​ Desktop:​
Enter your price here. The Regular Price will appear strikethrough if a number is entered in Sale Price. eg. $̶3̶3̶0̶
By default this is set to Stock Qty 1 and will reset to 1 if the product is edited. Once the item is sold its public listing will display "Not Available"
Linked Products
Up-Sells will add another product from your store on your item listing page. Cross-Sells will suggest the nominated product in the customer Cart.
Attributes - Color
Select attribute "Color" and click Add, then select the color terms. Note: you may have to click "Expand" to access the values when editing.
Attributes - Post To
Select item "Post to" > Add, then select suitable countries so the product can be found via the shop search filters. 

Edit product
Once saved you will be taken to the product page. You can click "Edit" on this page to amend or Dashboard > Products > Product Title > Edit.